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Freight broker software is often a required kind of transportation management software (TMS) that streamlines freight broker operations by navigating trucks, locating loads, qualifying carriers, sending drivers, billing customers, and Paying carriers. Also called freight management software, such services will give the modern shipper the technological edge that will help them find... well, freight ready to haul. There are a number of vendors that provide this software to customers in varying capacities, features and prices.

Freight brokers have historically had to manage the logistics of all their carriers. In many instances they have had to hire or outsource to third party contractors to perform tasks such as tagging, scheduling, and issuing billing statements. Today, many freight forwarding software providers offer a full range of services designed to keep freight forwarders and agents up to date on all aspects of their business. These additional services can include:

Track shipments - Many freight brokers and freight forwarding software providers to offer a robust tracking system that keeps them one step ahead of their clients. Brokers report the status of all carriers at any time, providing inventory control, detailed billing history, and activity reports. These services also report on the volume and types of shipments being carried out by each carrier on a daily basis. Many vendors also provide metrics and alerts to indicate when changes are needed in specific areas of the business. For example, if too many loads are not being handled as efficiently as planned, freight brokers can issue an alert.

Expand into new markets - Many freight forwarding software providers are able to offer custom solutions for particular businesses. For example, one freight broker software provider can expand the service by adding carrier route maps to the main database. A new route can be entered by logging in the new carrier information, and the software then calculates the best route for the cargo, based on load amount, carrier details, etc. An advanced routing calculator can determine if a route is the most cost-effective route or one that carries the highest profit margin. In addition, freight broker software can also help freight forwarders and agents to find the perfect carriers for shipments, so that they can maximize the benefits of their carriers.

Estimize fees - Many freight broker software providers offer several different fee models, from monthly to per item pricing plans. Freight forwarding applications can quickly find the most cost-effective fee for any shipment. Items that are billed on a monthly basis generally have lower running expenses, while those that charge per piece have higher costs. The service then calculates the most cost-effective bill amount based on the amount of money that will be saved through the discounts provided. Additionally, some freight brokerage companies offer a discount when billing for bulk amounts or when working with carriers that ship in large quantities.

Flexibility - No matter what your business needs, freight forwarding software has a solution for you. With all the features and functions available, there is no reason why freight brokers cannot continue to thrive and expand their businesses today. You can simply install freight broker software onto your computer, login, and start sending orders to carriers and shippers immediately after you set up the software. If you have multiple locations, or you need to work with carriers in more than one country, there are even more options available. Freight brokers no longer need to be restricted by what their carriers can offer. Get the best software to start your freight brokerage!

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